Friday, February 22, 2008

MSG is Good, No Bad, EnScript Anyways

I know, I know MSG is bad for you but I thought that I would post this EnScript for the EDD forensicators out there. I made this up real quick for a case where exporting the MSG from the EnCase interface was producing undiscernible files. All the exported MSG files are named with the email message subject and if there is a repeatable subject it will get renamed to subject(1), subject(2), etc. It is hard to discern what MSG is which in this way so having a date related to the message gives more info and keeping the Outlook folder structure would be nice too. So what this EnScript will do is export the MSG, name the MSG with the subject and created date, and keep the outlook pst folder structure for you. MSG is bad but sometimes you have to give your client what they want. Get the EnScript below, and again comments suggestions please on any of my EnScripts.

MSG Export


João said...

doesn't work!

what's wrong??

João said...

Can you change this enscript to encase v. 6?

Please !!!

tk_lane said...

I will make it for v6 as soon as I get some free time (looks like Aug)